About Us

The Story

Nixound started with the home production of an EP, “Chrysalis”, released in 1997. All material was written, produced and engineered by Claus Marcuslund.

In order to make the EP available to the public, Claus founded a music publishing company. Claus Marcus Music was established that same year.

As a musical artist, Claus decided to shorten his last name and opted to become known as Claus Marcus, simply because he thought the slightly altered name would be easier to pronounce for non-Danes.

He later abandoned this idea after learning that a German musical artist already used this name.

Because of the name confusion, it seemed most logical to rename the company and in 2007 Claus Marcus Music became Nixound.

The Company Name

“Nixound” is a contraction between the two words “nix” and “sound”.

“Nix” derives from Germanic folklore and refers to a water spirit that draws its victims into its underwater home.

Nix are magical beings; there’s no limit to the hijinks they have committed across the many folktales in which they appear. Still, some of their abilities emerge as common themes.

These water spirits are shapeshifters. Seemingly, they can take on any appearance they want.

Their musical talent is beyond comparison. All of them sing sweetly, and some of them couple musical instruments with their already spellbinding voices. Their music is capable of hypnotizing listeners and drawing them into the water. Generally, Nix have more power over women and children, while the feminine Nixie entrance grown men.

Source: mythology.net

The Logo

The Nixound logo depicts the upper half of a classical guitar blended with the letters of the company name.

Thus the letter “i” forms the bridge and the “o” the sound hole.